Let’s Deconstruct AADHAAR, the “Matrix”

Deconstruct Aadhaar

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The “wise” men decided that the “subsidies” need to be targeted only to those who have small eyes with even smaller dreams. The “wise” men talked to even “wiser” men — who call it loan, not subsidies, when it applies to themselves — who advised the “wise” men to mark each single eye dreaming of “subsidies”. But the “wisest” men, who knew how to reconcile their dreams with the masses’ nightmares, understood it even better and decided to construct a “Matrix”; the “Matrix” in which the eyes are marked irrespective of subsidies. Each eye is marked and logged into the cloud in the book she reads from Amazon, in the movie she watches in PVR, in the shoes she wears from BATA, in the Pizza she eats in Dominos, in the fine she pays to MCD, in the blood she donates to Red Cross, and even in the milk she supple (don’t ask me how, else I will be booked for sedition). And they called their “Matrix”, AADHAAR.

They say it is always easier to deconstruct than construct, but this “Matrix” is anything but easy. In fact, if it is a “Matrix” as deceptive as this one, which people can’t even see properly enough, there is no question of deconstructing it without breaking the sleep and the dream. I am myself too fond of the sleep, but not if my dreams are to be micromanaged from the supercomputer located in the far-far land, to which I have no access. Indeed, I am part of the “Matrix”. So, how do I take control of my dreams? Should I stop dreaming altogether, which is precisely what they want! Or, should I dream even bigger and better — no, I am not taking it easy and dreaming of Bollywood/Hollywood. The answer is obvious: I can’t stop dreaming, however much they mark my eyes, however much they log into my dreams; I have no choice but to fight it out!

At this point of time, I have no idea how to deconstruct this “Matrix”, but I am living in hope. As soon as I get some help, humane or divine, I shall write again. This is to be continued…


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