Minority Report: An Indian Adaptation (Surveillance through AADHAAR)

Surveillance through Aadhaar

Circa 2014, a new Don appeared on the Indian political scene with a “56 inch chest”. He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t think, he just acts with his right hand and shags with the left. His right hand worships cows, protects women from “Love Jehadis”, gags liberal voices, etc, which is the new normal. But his left hand shakes hands with the corporates, and they also shag up amongst other things, with which I have had no problem had they not turned common men into ignorant prostitutes. AADHAAR is the tag identifying each prostitute in the brothel this Don intends to turn India into.

In Minority Report: An Indian Adapatation (AADHAAR Surveillance), a compromise was reached between Chidambaram and Nilekani, whereby the biometric data continued to be collected under AADHAAR. But the concerns raised by Chidambaram were not ill founded. There was no law authorizing UIDAI to collect biometric data, which means the privacy of Indians was being infringed without establishing any procedure in accordance with law. But now the left hand has surreptiously established a procedure through a money bill (AADHAAR Act, 2016), has gone even further and made it mandatory for the people to tag their biometric data through AADHAAR if they want to earn any decent income, whatsoever, courtesy the newly added S. 139AA to the Income Tax Act, 1961, vide the Finance Act, 2017. Soon this tagging would extend to moving and habitating on the land, to flying in the sky, and even to drowning in the sea (given attempt to commit suicide is not an offence anymore but one may still need AADHAAR to get a proper burial).

So, this is how this brothel operates: each prostitute is tagged to a number (AADHAAR) representing his vitals and accordingly confined to a dingy carrying his number plate; the lechers transparently check up the vitals on websites, newspapers, TVs, display boards, and whatever else (some privileged ones also get access to CCTVs installed inside the dingies); the lechers make their bids and the Don collects commisison/tax. AADHAAR is a tag identifying prostitutes by their biometric vitals; therefore, the Don has made it compulsory for them to quote their AADHAAR while remmitting him commission/tax. Mr Nandan Nilekani: Can anything be more transparent except that you have created a very huge brothel for a very few privileged lechers. Of course, every prostitute would now want to become a lecher one day. Is this the Indian Dream a la the American Dream!

What about Judiciary? Well…difficult to identify but prostitution industry is all encompassing! Did somebody file a petition challenging the AADHAAR Act? Did somebody file a petition challenging the Finance Act, 2017? Did somebody file a petition challenging the linking of AADHAAR no. to Voter I-Card, Driving License, Pan Card, etc? Did anybody file a petition challenging the collection of biometric information under AADHAAR? A tangential question: Did Supreme Court send Sahara chief to jail for Contempt of Court? (Pata nahi aise sawaal kyon aa jaate hain dimaag mein.) 

Those who have yet not read Minority Report: An Indian Adaptation (AADHAAR), please do it now. And those who have not yet bought running shoes, well…no use buying it now. JUST RUN!

P.S. The unfortunate analogy of brothel and prostitution industry above is to highlight human trafficking and slavery characterizing that industry. Mass surveillance through AADHAAR can indeed propagate human trafficking and slavery at mass level because targeting of individuals will become very easy with mass surveillance.


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