The Danger of Brain Research

Brain ResearchCredit: Henry Markram

Brain research is a fledgling area. The documented objectives of the research include understanding the complex working of the brain for medicinal, surgical and artificial intelligence purposes. The undocumented objectives include mind control, especially for the purpose of “intelligence and security”; the surreptitious research in this area has already advanced quite a lot mainly because of the use of innovative engineering techniques involving wave physics and computer modelling. According to the conspiracy theorists, it is now possible to read the thoughts of a person, with or without bugging the brain or any other part of the body. In fact, the research carried out after bugging the brain is well documented, and the visual and vocal images originating from the brain of the guinea pigs have been transferred to LCD screens and speakers respectively – this means that what a person speaks to himself can be heard, and what he dreams in his mind in the form of images can be seen.

Now let us see where the research is headed. The documented research till now has been able to demarcate the areas of brain responsible for various activities like smell, language, visual images, etc. They also know that the brain activities take place in the form of electrical impulses. The brain emits waves of low frequency, which can be read by proper modulation, and that is how the vocal and visual images are read. However, the complex processes of brain and/or nervous system like consciousness are yet unknown. In fact, there are certain quantum physicists who believe that consciousness is not a neuron function at all, but a microtubules function, and is thus inherently unpredictable in accordance with the laws of quantum physics, and thus artificial intelligence is impossible. Nevertheless, even if it is assumed that the current research is headed in the right direction, and by researching the neural interconnections one can unravel the mysteries of the brain, this task is next to impossible because the number of interconnections between the nerves in a human brain are more than the number of atoms in the universe — just imagine how daunting a task it is. Then, why should the corporates and the governments be throwing so much money into this field?

The answer lies in the undocumented mind control research. They all know they are never going to achieve anything in the field of artificial intelligence, and the benefits in the field of surgery may also not arrive in the concrete form ever. However, the benefits in the field of mind control are enormous. If the conspiracy theorists are to be believed, there are tools and techniques through which any human brain can be read using wave technology; so, what is required is the strategic location (say in a police station) of the right machines, tools and implements in the residential neighbourhoods in densely populated cities; now combine this with the organised harassment through the politicians and the police agents: well, one can potentially control each single mind. The USA has, in the past, carried out extensive research on this aspect and also executed the same under the codename Cointelpro, wherein the black rights activists were targeted by the state through organised stalking and electronic harassment. The USA has officially shelved this program, but, if the conspiracy theorists are to be believed, the program has been institutionalized across the globe for targetting prospective rebels and rebellion. However, the more distressing is the prospect of direct penetration of minds using the nanobots; the nanobots are microscopic robots invisible to human eyes and, when diffused in the air, can be inhaled. Logical extrapolation makes me believe that the objective of the future brain research will be to unravel as many mysteries of the brain as would be necessary to effectively employ nanobots for controlling the human mind through computer commands: This would be an alternative way of achieving artificial intelligence by converting humans themselves into robots.

I don’t know whether the above objective is achievable, but look at the prospects of human right violations even if such a research is carried out, and we never know what other methods of mind control may be under contemplation or discovered. Last but not the least, what about the unwilling guinea pigs, who are left no more than zombies?


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